Rio Tinto Kennecott highlights geotechnical monitoring systems

Rio Tinto Kennecott highlights geotechnical monitoring systems
Sophisticated systems help ensure a safe operation

South Jordan, Utah (April 7, 2016) – Rio Tinto Kennecott’s sophisticated monitoring systems, along with hundreds of trained eyes in its everyday operation, have detected movement on the west wall of the Bingham Canyon mine. Wall movement in open pit mines is an infrequent but normal occurrence and is monitored closely.

Kennecott is now taking pre-emptive steps to keep employees safe and reduce any operational impacts of a potential slide.

Actively collecting and monitoring data to understand any movement and plan for various contingencies
A color–coded system – green, yellow, orange, red – to communicate any change in the stability of the wall and actions to keep people safe and limit operational impacts
Ensuring employee safety by restricting access to areas of concern and relocating employees to other areas within the mine.
Communicating with employees, regulatory agencies and community stakeholders
Kennecott geotechnical experts identified movement in the summer of 2015 and have continued to closely monitor movement in the area. All indications are that any potential slide would be approximately 100 times smaller than the Manefay slide of 2013.

Any potential slide will be self-contained and will not impact the public except for the potential of visible dust.

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