Rio Tinto Kennecott adds pink haul trucks to fleet as part of payload pilot program

Haul truck beds tested for improved payload capacity, painted pink to recognize women’s health

Feb. 12, 2016

South Jordan, Utah – Rio Tinto Kennecott has started a three-year pilot program to improve payload capacity of its haul trucks by using lighter truck beds. Three trucks with these lighter beds have been put into service as part of the program. Kennecott has 87 total haul trucks in its fleet.

The haul trucks in Kennecott’s fleet have the capacity to transport 320-tons of material: metal-bearing and non-metal bearing rock. The trucks in the pilot program will provide 4 percent additional capacity. This increase in capacity equates to moving 350 additional tons per day and 127,000 tons per year for each truck in the pilot program.

As a component of the program, Kennecott had the opportunity to differentiate the trucks participating in the program and elected to paint them pink to recognize women in mining and increase awareness about women’s health and breast cancer awareness.

“The women in Kennecott’s workforce are an integral and essential part to our business. Bringing attention to their vital contribution while supporting the national focus on women’s wellness is important,” said Matt Tobey, general manager, Bingham Canyon Mine. “At Kennecott, women work in all capacities including engineers and scientists, community and public relations, operations managers, technicians and, yes, equipment operators.”

The pilot program is part of Kennecott’s ongoing effort to continue to improve the efficiency of its business through innovative thinking and technologies.


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