Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon Mine Visitors Center Charitable Foundation donates $211,000 to 128 local charities

December 6, 2012

South Jordan, Utah – The Bingham Canyon Mine Visitors Center Charitable Foundation donated a record $211,000 to support 128 local community charities in December. The Foundation is organized as a Kennecott Utah Copper non-profit entity giving funds exclusively for public welfare, community improvement and charitable purposes, which is limited to providing help to the underprivileged in Utah. As part of the amount donated to the community, the Copperton Lion’s Club made a generous contribution of $15,000, as the operator of the Bingham Canyon Mine Lion’s Club gift shop.

The Foundation raises money for local charities through tax-deductible entrance fees to the Bingham Canyon Mine Visitors Center. Since the inception of the charity fund in 1992, the Foundation has donated more than $2.8 million to local community charities and non-profit organizations, and hosted 3.2 million visitors to the Bingham Canyon Mine Visitors Center. In 2012, the Visitors Center hosted a record 187,360 visitors.

The Foundation touches the lives of people of all different ages and walks of life. This includes charities focusing on children, veterans, disabled, homeless and senior citizens throughout the state.

The Foundation consists of nine trustees who represent the greater Salt Lake area and Rio Tinto/Kennecott. Trustees representing local government, education, religion, community and Rio Tinto/Kennecott volunteer their time to help the Foundation positively impact local charities.

“Kennecott Utah Copper has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting our local communities through the Charitable Foundation,” said Ted Himebaugh, Charitable Foundation president. “The Charitable Foundation also provides a way for us to continue assisting the underprivileged in the future.”

Community groups need to apply for funds by Oct. 15 of each year. Applications can be found at and should include proof of the organizations charitable or non-profit status.

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