Kennecott Utah Copper prepares for a slide in the Bingham Canyon Mine

South Jordan, Utah (April 10, 2013) ­– Kennecott Utah Copper continues to closely monitor ground movement in the northeast wall of the Bingham Canyon Mine in anticipation of a slide. Kennecott has observed increasing ground movement and taken the following steps to ensure safety and reduce impacts to the operation:

Ensure employee safety by restricting access to areas of concern and relocating employees to other areas within the mine.
Reduce impacts to the operation by relocating utilities, buildings, roads and heavy machinery to maintain long-term productivity in areas not impacted by the slide.
Maintain communication with employees and community stakeholders to share information about proactive contingency planning measures.
The anticipated slide will be contained within the Bingham Canyon Mine; however, visible dust may result from the slide. We are not currently able to assess the size or exact timing of the slide.

Click here for photos of the northeast corner of the Bingham Canyon Mine.

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As the second largest copper producer in the United States, Kennecott Utah Copper comprises nearly 25 percent of U.S. copper production. Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon Mine is one of the top producing copper mines in the world with production at more than 19 million tons. Rio Tinto purchased Kennecott and related facilities in 1989 and has invested more than $2 billion in modernization since that time. Kennecott has also spent more than $350 million on the cleanup of historic mining waste and $100 million on groundwater cleanup. Rio Tinto employs 2,800 people and influences more than 14,000 indirect Utah jobs. In 2011, Kennecott invested $1.2 billion in the state of Utah in wages, benefits, taxes and purchases from nearly 1,000 Utah area businesses. Take a closer look at

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