Kennecott to enhance water drainage basins on south facing waste rock dumps

Enhanced water drainage basin map

Rio Tinto Kennecott has started a project to improve water retention basins on the south side of the Bingham Canyon Mine. The project will improve four of six basins by enhancing capacity and mitigating stormwater runoff on historic south facing waste rock dumps when large rainfall events occur.

The work will comprise of creating new and expanding additional water retention basins that will be engineered to handle a minimum of a 100-year, 24-hour storm event. Areas disturbed as a result of this work will be progressively revegetated with native shrubs and plants, and the project has the potential to enable future reclamation of Kennecott’s south facing dumps. Kennecott will also continue to evaluate options to improve drainage in the two remaining south basins while work takes place.

Kennecott will mitigate impacts to surrounding communities by regularly inspecting and maintaining controls put in place as part of the stormwater protection system. In addition, work will be sequenced to minimize ground disturbance, and water trucks will be used to control dust as needed.