About Us

At Rio Tinto Kennecott, we mine essential elements that make modern living possible. Our products are used in cell phones, computers and hybrid electric cars. Nearly everything used today relies on materials we produce.

Our mine has been a fixture in the Salt Lake Valley for more than 116 years. You may be surprised to know that we are the largest private economic driver in Utah. No other private sector operation has generated more production, exports, income and employment than Kennecott. As such, we take our responsibility to be a strong community partner seriously, through strategic partnerships, foundation contributions and charitable giving.

We also believe in being stewards of the land. Wherever possible, we prevent, or otherwise minimize, mitigate or remediate any potentially harmful effects of our operations on the environment. This practice creates and sustains our business value and reputation. We set self-imposed environmental targets to drive continual improvement. Through our commitment and actions, we strive to be a leader in environmental performance by demonstrating good management of natural resources, responsibly reducing our environmental footprint and exceeding community expectations for environmental social governance.